Welcome to ePayroll

This site provides secure access for City and County of San Francisco employees to view past pay statements. As of September 4, 2019, the City ceased posting any new statements on ePayroll. Current employees are instructed to access their pay statements and other payroll related information on the San Francisco Employee Portal located at https://sfgov.org/sfc/employee-gateway. Former employees needing pay statements dated after September 3, 2019 should contact their former department’s payroll division. A list of City departments and their websites is available at https://sf.gov/departments.

Need help with ePayroll? Contact ePayroll Customer Service at 1-866-314-3729. If you are calling because of trouble with your PIN, when prompted for your PIN enter “0” (do not press #), and enter “0” when you hear the welcome greeting for the Customer Service Menu. If you know your PIN, enter it when prompted and you will be able to reach Customer Service.